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This is an age that young children do not have a very long attention span. It is also an age which is very critical to learn the basics of ball and more importantly to have fun and make it enjoyable. Often times, parents want to have their child on a REAL team.  Most often, children cannot last 6-7 innings.  It is very important to teach them how to properly catch a ball, hold a bat, stand at the plate, team work, sportsmanship and the basic rules of the game.  It sounds silly but it is true. Having your child move up too early will discourage her, especially if she struggles against the older players who can throw and hit the ball harder.  The coaches pitch to the players, to teach swing timing.   These groups do not start until June, usually after school is out. Therefore the deadline for sign up is May 1st; this allows time for uniforms to be ordered and for coaches to organize their plans.  If you feel that your child is advanced and is in 2nd grade and we are looking for players for the next level to fill a roster, we will absolutely consider the move.  But, please just be patient and help your child enjoy the first steps of softball. 


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